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Daagu International Journal of Basic and Applied Research (DIJBAR) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal available both in online and printed versions to accommodate research articles from all streams of science and art. Authors from the scientific community and research scholars around the globe can submit their original unpublished work to DIJBAR for possible inclusion.

Accepted articles, after the review process, will be available online as soon as the reception of copyright and the final article. The printed version of the journal will be dispatched later, scheduled around 10th of July for the January to June Issue-1 and 10th of January of the next year for the publication year of July to December Issue-2.

Authors are advised to refer to the author section for detailed guidelines and paper format of DIJBAR. Authors can submit the article through the Submission Link or Manuscript Submission or Submit Review Article section. Authors can follow any aforementioned link to submit the article.

Acceptance Rate:
  • Volume-1 Issue-1: 75%
  • Volume-1 Issue-2: 54.5%
  • Volume-2 Issue-1: 35.71%
  • Volume-2 Issue-2: 23.52%
  • Volume-3 Issue-1: 43.75%